Practical Native Monetization

Use Native Ads to promote products, services, or content through Search, Social or Open Web. It's entirely up to you!

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Native Ads Integration

Integrating Native Ads into your website is easier than it might seem. Choose your source, your desired look, your desired ad space and you are ready to go.

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Users See, Users Click

Each time your users generate a successful click, you generate profit.

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Gain Revenue

The math here is quite simple, more clicks mean more money.

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Native Monetization

Whether you are an Advertiser or a Publisher, you will still get the opportunity to monetize through only the highest CPC rates available in the industry.

Display Ads
Organic Traffic
Targeted Traffic
Highest EPM

Your payment

CPC – Cost per Click

You are paid for each user click that is generated by your Native Ad & Widget.

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Native Benefits

Profit Estimate

All CPC rates are always visible on your dashboard. You get exactly what you earn.

Performance Tracking

Track your CPC rates and your profit through our real-time analytics.

Big Brand Advertising

Engage in ad space selling with the most influential advertisers in digital marketing. Monetize your online traffic through Native Ads & Widgets with our highly profitable campaigns that assure nothing but success.

High Visibility Guarantee

MonadPlug assures full visibility and non-intrusiveness on your website. MonadPlug guarantees that the ads will be seen, even though they don'tlook like ads at all.

Transform your traffic into profit!

Turn clicks into rates, visitors into users and your time into money with Native ads.