High Performing Ad Formats

Continuous innovation in terms of Ad Formats is one of our main missions. High engagement and reliable ROI are what is guaranteed to our advertisers and publishers. Web Push Notifications, Native Ads, Popups and banner ads, besides other formats, are available for your use. No need to choose carefully, because every choice is a wise one at MonadPlug.

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Native Ads & Widgets

Native Ads & Widgets are, by far, one of the most effective ways of promoting products and services, or content in general. Due to its nature, this ad format blends into the content, ultimately providing great visibility and audience engagement. Native Ads offer complete compatibility with both publishers and advertisers.

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Push Notifications

Monetizing your targeted audience does not get any simpler. Push Notifications grab user’s attention almost immediately! This is especially due to their high visibility, but also non-intrusiveness. As soon as the user subscribers, the push notification is delivered directly to users’ device/browser.

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Search Monetization

Whether you’re an app developer or website owner, your search queries can still be effectively monetized by MonadPlug. MonadPlug offers advertisers and publishers the opportunity to be an effective middleman in this search process. Integrate now, and you can thank us later.

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Choose your Style

Pick your desired ad format, implement it into your website, and start earning likenever before.