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The Most Powerful Traffic Monetization Platform

Significantly increase your monthly revenue through monetization strategies only MonadPlug can provide. Traffic Monetization has never been easier. Seize that opportunity!

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Cutting-Edge Ad Optimization AI

Our systems provide personalized content that is carefully tailored to match the needs of your website's visitors.

Fully Customizable Ad Formats

Personalize your widgets, blend them with their surroundings, and make your site feel like home for your users.

Enhanced RTB Infrastructure

Our custom RTB protocol is the main driving force behind our extremely high RPMs. It makes ad inventory auctions happen in milliseconds and ultimately brings more value to both you and your users

Traffic Monetization Benefits we provide to Publishers

Let’s push your website beyond its limitations!

High & Reliable CPC/CPM Rates

Enjoy watching your clicks & impressions turn into jaw-dropping payouts.

Experienced Account Managers

Receive valuable insight & strategical advice from your appointed Account Manager.

Personalized Strategies

No strategy is repeated twice. Every approach is uniquely tailored to match the Publisher's website.

Start Monetizing Now!

Use MonadPlug as an AdSense alternative, or as an addition to AdSense, whichever suits you better.


Performance Marketing Features

Monetize Your Website, App, or Extension, on both Mobile and Desktop.

Our Partners

Respected colleagues within the spheres of Perfomance Based Marketing

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Our team is more than ready to answer all questions you might have about MonadPlug & MonetizeAd

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