High Performing Ad Formats

Continuous innovation in terms of Advertisement Formats is imperative for us. High engagement, non-intrusiveness, and premium quality offers are always guaranteed to our Publishers. Web Push Notifications, Native Ads, Pop-Unders, and In-Text Native, besides other formats, are available for your use. No need to choose carefully, because every choice is a wise one at MonadPlug.

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Choose your Style

Pick your desired ad format, implement it into your website, and start earning like never before.

Strategic Website Monetization done through profitable Ad Formats

Assure mind-blowing payouts by following experienced guidance provided to you by MonadPlug's Account Managers.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications take no space and bring immediate income through CPC (Cost per Click). MonadPlug assures complete compatibility of push notifications with other ad formats, but also other ad networks. It is simple – if your users subscribe to push notifications, you monetize. In the case that subscribers leave your page, they still get notifications, and you still monetize. Tempting, isn’t it?
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Native Ads

In simple words, Native Ads contain content that matches the content of your webpage. The sole integration of displayed ads is entirely up to you – the best part is that user experience remains the same!
Native ads example.

Search Monetization

Your search queries can be effectively monetized. MonadPlug offers advertisers and publishers the opportunity to be an effective middleman in 'Search Monetization'. Besides that, we engage in both buying and selling of transactional, navigational, and informational search queries! Convert existing traffic from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries into real money by monetizing your search queries with only the latest technological advancements only we can provide. Integrate now, and you can thank us later.
Search monetization example.

Smart URLs

Smart URLs allow you to monetize traffic through URLs that take your users only to the most relevant offers. You, as a publisher, will not get a better solution for toolbars, expired domains, or perhaps paid, redirected, or 404 traffic.
Smart URL example.

In-Page Push

Push Notifications not doing the trick? Try reaching wider audiences and gain revenue by sending In-Page Push – Push Notifications that don't need a subscription to be seen. In-Page Push is fast, responsive, and optimized for increased performance and high user experience.
In-Page push example.

In-Text Native

Monetize your website traffic by keeping your users engaged through personalized ads that appear in-between your website's content. Complement your natural flow of engagement by showing users exactly what they want to see at the right time
In-Text native example.