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Significantly increase your monthly revenues through Push Notifications, Native Ads, and Search Queries. Online Traffic Monetization has never been easier. Seize that opportunity!

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Self-operating Ad Optimization

Our AI provides you with the best possible content that is carefully tailored to match your needs.

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Advertise with Style

If you want your webpage to feel like home for your users, then leave that to us.

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Contemporary Traffic Monetization

Modern problems require modern solutions. Monetize your web traffic now with MonadPlug RTB Push Notifications, Native Ads, Search, and many more.

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Web Traffic Monetization For Publishers

Let’s make the best out of your website!

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RTB Push Notifications

Be a part of the future – Monetize your users now with Push Notifications, whether they are on your website or not!

Native Ads

Establish an organic look, please your customers with the scrolling newsfeed experience that everybody likes.

Search Monetization

Search Monetization – Earn the highest CPM’s! Use MonadPlug feeds to monetize search queries.

Start Monetizing Now!

Use MonadPlug as an AdSense alternative, or as an addition to AdSense, whichever suits you better.


Performance Marketing Features

Whether it’s a website, software, browser extension or a mobile app – WE CAN MONETIZE IT!

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