Search Monetization For Publishers

Convert daily queries into rates, and your traffic into revenue by using Search Monetization techniques that operate through the highest RPMs in the industry!

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Search monetization is not as complicated as it sounds. All you need to do is copy the code that is provided to you by our carefully chosen team, paste it into the desired location on your website, and you are ready to monetize.

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Users Search, You Earn

It is up to you to choose between non-redirection or redirection Search Query integration. Redirection integration redirects your users to either Yahoo or Bing, whereas non-redirection keeps your users on your own search box.

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Higher Revenues

As you collect queries (or searches performed by users) through our Search Monetization strategy, you gain substantially higher revenues than in any other RPM-based campaign in the world. It is up to you!

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Search Query Monetization

Choose whether to Monetize your Transactional, Navigational or Informational Search Queries. Yahoo Search Monetization, Bing Search Monetization or your own. It's completely up to you!

Direct Search Feed

Extension Traffic

App search traffic

Highest RPM

Search Yahoo Monetization

Search Bing Monetization

Revenue Model

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For every 1000th impression that your Search Box generates through MonadPlug's Search Monetization strategy, you get paid. RPM rates fluctuate due to differences in geo-locations; however, they are still the highest rates the market can provide. Your income arrives to your account via NET-45, which releases payouts 45 days after the month ends..

Search Monetization Benefits

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Revenue Estimate

RPM rates can always be viewed and analyzed on your dashboard. Transparency is what we value the most at MonadPlug.

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Direct Feed Search

MonadPlug has established a completely stable direct feed search monetization strategy with Yahoo, with no intermediaries between you and the Yahoo Search itself.

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Performance Tracking

Track your RPM rates and your profit through our real-time analytics.

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No Boundaries

As we said before, all types of traffic can be monetized through all GEOs, platforms and extensions.

Monetize Your Users By Matching Your Content To Their Needs.

Collect search queries and use their maximum potential to your own advantage.