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Optimize for device, OS,
GEO and more
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GEO Targeting
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Cost Per Click
Working on NET-15 payout terms (or better) allows you to receive instant monthly revenues, adapted to your preferred payment method.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $100 (Wire transaction requires $300)
  • At MonadPlug, you do not have to manually request your money – here, the money comes to you, not the other way around

Why MonadPlug?

MonadPlug title 10 years
10 years of tireless work, marketing expertise, and Digital Marketing experience has allowed us to provide one of the most reliable rates on the market. Big brand advertisers choose us, so why wouldn’t you?
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Global Coverage
Monetize all of your available traffic through a vast number of advertisers in every country through every niche. Nothing is wasted at MonadPlug, so why wait? Go global now!
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Referral Program
Refer MonadPlug to your colleagues, friends or followers – and receive additional income!
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Adsense Compatibility
Ad formats at MonadPlug are fully compatible with all available Ad Networks, including Google AdSense. Boost your profits to the maximum by utilizing all tools you have at your disposal.
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AdBlock Bypass
Our ads can successfully bypass all AdBlock software. Increase your monthly revenue by 20% with non-invasive, high-quality ads that get displayed to your users even if AdBlock is used.
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Clean Ads
Every Ad Format is automatically regulated and manually moderated 24/7. Viruses, malware, or inappropriate content can't be seen in our ads. Engage your audience with what they deserve, and they deserve only the best.
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Publisher Community
Why be alone when you can be a part of the biggest online Publisher Community? Engage in MonadPlug meetups, contribute to innovations, and learn more about Digital Marketing!


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