Practical Native Advertising

Integrate effortlessly, advertise seamlessly. Use Native Ads to promote products, services, or content through Search, Social, Open Web, or In-App strategies.

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Simple Integration

Integrating Native Ads into your website is easier than it might seem. Choose your traffic type, your desired look, your desired ad space and you are ready to go.

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Cost-effective Advertising

Both Advertisers and/or Publishers get the unique opportunity to monetize through only the highest CPC rates available in the industry.

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Gain Revenue

The math here is quite simple, more clicks mean more money.

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Native Monetization

Whether you are an Advertiser or a Publisher, you will still get the opportunity to monetize through only the highest CPC rates available in the industry.

Display Ads

Organic Traffic

Targeted Traffic

Highest EPM



Revenue Model

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Cost per Click

You are paid for each user click that is generated by your Native Advertisement.
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Native Benefits

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Profit Estimate

All CPC rates are always visible on your dashboard. You get exactly what you earn.

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Performance Tracking

Track your CPC rates and your profit through our real-time analytics.

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Big Brand Advertising

Engage in ad space selling with the most influential advertisers in digital marketing. Monetize your online traffic through Native Ads & Widgets with our highly profitable campaigns that assure nothing but success.

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High Visibility Guarantee

MonadPlug assures full visibility and non-intrusiveness on your website. MonadPlug guarantees that the ads will be seen, even if they don't look like ads at all.

Transform Your Traffic Into Profit!

Turn clicks into rates, visitors into users and your time into money with Native ads.


What is native advertising?

Native advertising describes any situation where branded messages fit seamlessly within their surrounding environment, engaging audiences rather than disrupting the user experience.

What is the difference between native advertising and content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that helps you reach your target audience and gently lead them to customer action by producing and distributing content that meets their needs. Blog posts, video tutorials, webinars, newsletters – whatever type of content you produce, you’re doing content marketing.
Native advertising and content marketing can be neither opposed nor compared. But these two work better when combined, that’s for sure. While native ads can help you get better results out of your content marketing efforts, native advertising is effective only when aligned with a proper content marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of Programmatic Native?

This advertising type allows you to costumize the ads for the user's interests. DSP gives you bids on behalf of the advertiser, and after choosing the winning bid, the native ad is sent to the targeted website, so user gets the ad they are interested in.

Why are Native Ads useful for me?

Use Native Ads for promotion of your In-house products or services. If you want your potential customers to see your high-converting landing pages, native advertising is the right way to go. To help you reach this goal, most native advertising platforms let you retarget website visitors or leads. Native advertising is one of the best methods to reach more people and show them your value proposition. Native advertising is a great way to nurture your customers and build credibility. Keep promoting valuable and timely content, and you’ll see your customers returning again and again.

What are the disadvantages of native advertising?
    Native advertising has its own challenges. Before you launch a successful campaign, you’ll need to:
  • Spend time to pick up the right platform. It can be a time-consuming process, but without it, you might miss the opportunities only specific platforms could bring you.
  • Learn how to make the most out of every platform you use. Different platforms aren’t equally user-friendly and offer different setting options, which can be challenging if you’ve never worked with them before.
  • Research your target audience and select the targeting options to go with. If you don’t succeed, you’ll be wasting your budget on a campaign that delivers no results.
  • Be ready to monitor and optimize your campaigns. A native advertising campaign (like any other marketing campaign) isn’t something you can set up and enjoy the results immediately. It takes time to identify the best practices and reach your goals.
What are the best native advertising practices for 2021?
  • Engaging ads are good, but relevant landing pages are just as important. Try not to become one of these advertisers that mislead (and annoy) their audience.
  • Promote useful content to encourage people to take action.
  • Monitor your results and check out which publishers deliver the best and the worst performance.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. What if your first campaigns fail? Use the data and experience to improve your performance in the future.