About us

We are an advertising platform that brings together premium Publishers and the best Advertisers around the world - with a single goal: to place the best ads on high-ranking websites. MonadPlug allows the end-user to monetize their own traffic through the publishing platform. On the other hand, we want to be the best solution for Advertisers with all the benefits we provide. Our favorite: Targeting is possible through any vertical you can imagine!


Goals & Objectives

Our mission

Reaching success is not easy. That’s why our mission is to craft a steady path towards yours. Modified approaches are carefully tailored by our team of experts just for you. MonadPlug's solutions will assist you in ways you never believed was possible. MonadPlug values long-term business relationships, which lie on the foundations of strong partnerships, teamwork, and strategic opportunities for mutual success. Brand expansion, traffic increase, and user experience are just some of our strategic goals. All you need is to choose MonadPlug, and leave the rest to us!
Assured Independence
Your financial independence is our top priority. Through establishing trust, we effectively manage to assist you in all parameters that are vital to your financial stability.
Revenue Maximization
Constant methodical research and networking expertise combined will assure the highest possible revenue.
Transparency Guarantee
MonadPlug has nothing to hide. All statistical representations are always available & visible to all Publishers.
High–end SDK
Innovations are something we are very familiar with at MonadPlug. Delivering cutting-edge advertisement technology was, and always will be our top priority

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our mission